BCSP Launches Psychedelic Clinical Trials Map

The tool offers a way for potential patients, practitioners and researchers to easily navigate hundreds of clinical trials.

On November 20, BCSP launched its clinical trials map, which makes the process of finding and learning about psychedelic research easier for both professional clinicians and those interested in participating in a trial.

While the results of clinical trials suggest that psychedelics could be used for a range of therapeutic purposes, including PTSD, depression and substance-use disorders, finding a clinical trial and figuring out how to participate in psychedelic-assisted therapy as either a therapist or a patient can be complicated. BCSP’s clinical trials map uses data from ClinicalTrials.gov to provide a way to search past, ongoing and future trials for a range of criteria. 

Users can explore both a map view and a list view. On the map, zoom in on particular regions and cities to find clinical trials in a given city; click to access an overview of the clinical trials in that location, including the substance, the phase and relevant conditions. Toggle to the list view to quantify and explore trials based on a number of factors; use the “Filter” feature to select relevant trials based on substance, trial status, study phase and more. Users can also explore the published results from closed trials. In both map and list views, click on the “Full Trial Record” link to learn more on the ClinicalTrials.gov site.