Watch Again: Psychedelics and the Mind with Michael Pollan, Gül Dölen, David Presti, and more

Hear from leading voices in psychedelics at this special event marking the launch of the BCSP’s new online course.

Research into powerful psychedelic substances is gaining momentum, policy is changing rapidly, and public engagement with psychedelics and their potential benefits is greater than ever. 

But how should the public make sense of these complex, dynamic changes? For example, which substances are even classed as psychedelics? Where do psychedelic substances come from? How have they been used throughout history and how do they work in the brain? What are the contemporary debates on psychedelics today, in a field that asks questions of medicine, spirituality, Indigeneity, counter-culture, neuroscience, psychology, law, capitalism, and more? 

The BCSP has set out to address questions, and more, with free, comprehensive, and accessible public education on the fundamental science, history and culture of psychedelics. 

Watch this recording to join BCSP co-founder Michael Pollan, course instructor and UC Berkeley Professor David Presti, Johns Hopkins associate professor Gül Dölen, award-winning producer of our new course, Nicole Vinnola, and BCSP executive director Imran Khan, as they dig into the latest scientific research, journalism, and contemporary debates surrounding psychedelics.

The launch of Psychedelics and the Mind ensures that the global public will have access to free, culturally-informed, and evidence-based education that cuts through misinformation, stigma, and hype surrounding these powerful substances. Find out more about the course and enroll here.

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