Bioneers Reader: Psychedelics: A Dive Into the History and Trajectory of a Hotly Debated Subject

Because psychedelics are currently generating so much interest and societal attitudes about them are undergoing enormous change, we decided this would be a propitious time to bring together some of the most interesting and topical material in this domain that has been generated under the auspices of Bioneers in the last few years in an easy-to-read and to-share format. The very varied luminaries in this field featured in this mini-collection include journalist/author Michael Pollan, mycologist Paul Stamets, Mohawk midwife Katsi Cook, Brazilian anthropologist Bia Labate, therapist and professor Monnica Williams, ethno-botanists Kat Harrison and Mark Plotkin, and physician and cannabis researcher Karyemaitre Aliffe. They explore a wide range of topics, including the cutting edges of new research, the promise and perils of the “medicalization” of psychedelics now underway, the need to honor the Indigenous traditions that taught the world about these medicines, the need for greater inclusivity and self- awareness in the psychedelic community, and much more. We think it’s some of the most stimulating discourse on this fascinating topic you’re likely to find anywhere. We hope you find it of value.


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