Kilindi Iyi – The Lack Of Diversity In The Psychedelic Community

The lack of diversity in the psychedelic community only reflects what is the prevailing wind of the greater society. The good ol’ boy network prevails even in the ultra hip, ultra chic psychedelic community which is not immune to a fundamental lack of adequate access to the club of the PhD. A basic racial divide is evident even to the most non-observant peruser. Many times at psychedelic conferences, organisers utilise women, people of colour and indigenous persons to lend an air of legitimacy to an otherwise monolithic system. The hierarchy is set! Kilindi will explore the lack of diversity in the psychedelic community and how it affects the minority players in the psychedelic world. Minority players who are not doctors, those legitimate experts who don’t have PhDs, the marginalised, non-middle-aged-white-guy-rest-of-us.

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