Psych 215: Introduction to Psychedelic Medicine

Course description of PSYC 215: Introduction to Psychedelic Medicine (Stanford, Winter 2019):
“The re-emergence of psychedelics in the academic arena has yielded insights which may profoundly impact our understanding of brain, mind, and the treatment of mental illness. This course will survey ongoing and developing clinical applications and scientific investigations of psychedelics and psychedelic-assisted treatments. Neuroscientific, clinical, and psychological perspectives will be discussed as well as the historical, legal, and cultural aspects of psychedelic medicine. Presentations will be given by the field’s scientists and therapists at the front line. Attendees will be able to engage directly with investigators and clinicians in the field during the course. Course may be taken for one unit (lecture, 6pm – 7pm) or students may attend additional discussion section (7pm – 8pm) for two units”


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