Psychedelic Science and Medicine Interest Group

The Psychedelic Science and Medicine Interest Group is being proposed to create a space within the NIH for scientists to discuss basic, clinical, and translational research related to psychedelics. The revival of psychedelic research extends beyond a single scientific domain and is a transdisciplinary effort. Psychedelics are being researched as therapeutics for a diverse and expanding group of conditions including, but not limited to, depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, cluster headaches, substance use disorders, and anorexia nervosa. Additionally, psychedelics are being explored as treatment for comorbidities such as depression associated with cancer orAlzheimer’s Disease. As psychedelics enter the clinical sphere, there has also been an increase in research on the mechanisms responsible for the effects of psychedelics on the mind and brain. From animal models to human studies, this basic work is furthering our understanding of these compounds and the potential benefits and risks of their usage. With a resurgence in NIH funding for psychedelic research, there is an opportunity to connect non-NIH, extramural, and intramural researchers with an interest in psychedelic research.

The Psychedelic Science and Medicine Interest Group will host monthly virtual meetings via Teams. It will foster the dissemination of knowledge through invitation of guest speakers and journal clubs reviewing psychedelic scientific literature. In addition to scientific discourse, the Psychedelic Science and Medicine Interest Group welcomes discussion surrounding indigenous history, equity in research and care for underrepresented patient populations, and other sociocultural challenges associated with psychedelic research. Anyone with an interest in psychedelic science and medicine is invited to join and attend meetings. As this is a developing field, we particularly encourage young fellows and trainees to participate to learn more about future opportunities in psychedelic research.

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