Psychedelics and the Evolution of Festival Culture: David Starfire Talks Psychedelic Music

One of the driving ways psychedelics have become more mainstream in recent years is through the culture that emerges from art and music festivals. From Burning Man in the scorching Black Rock Desert to Envision Festival in the lush jungles of Costa Rica, electronic musicians and visionary artists are sitting at the heart of a festival movement that embraces radical self-expression, environmental awareness, indigenous wisdom, and the transformative power of psychedelics. This is not to say that all people who produce, contribute to, or attend art and music festivals are psychedelic users, but the influence of psychedelics on these festivals is vividly undeniable.

David Starfire is no stranger to the festival scene as a prolific electronic music producer who has played at scores of major festivals across the world. We had a chance to speak with David about the influence of psychedelics in the evolution of electronic music, the importance of harm reduction services, and his exciting new album Karuna that benefits Burmese refugees.

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