Psymposia is a 501(c)(3) non-profit media organization that offers leftist perspectives on drugs, politics, and culture. Our perspectives are informed by critical analysis of the systemic crises we currently face: the socioeconomic inequalities of capitalism, the community-shattering effects of racist policing, criminal legal systems and drug prohibition, social manipulation through surveillance capitalism, the rampant spread of COVID-19, the warehousing of human beings through mass incarceration, white supremacism and the rise of fascism, and global ecocide. Together, these systemic crises have directly contributed to the unmitigated growth of addiction, depression, suicide, and the unraveling of our social relations. The same economic elite and powerful corporate interests who have profited from causing these problems are now proposing “solutions”—solutions which both line their pockets and mask the necessity of structural change. Attempts to capitalize on “solving” the crises we face have contributed to the explosive growth of predatory industries which offer us individualized solutions to collective problems, including corporate wellness and commodified psychedelic therapies. As a non-profit, we believe solutions start by ensuring that communities have access to factual information in order to make well-informed decisions. A vibrant social fabric requires a “range of opinions and ideas that are a prerequisite for meaningful participation in social and political life.” We strive to ask challenging questions, and we’re committed to independent reporting, critical analysis, and holding those who wield power accountable. Psymposia publishes news, essays, and investigative journalism, while challenging those in power on behalf of the public. In addition to articles, we produce the Plus Three podcast, and wide-ranging commentary videos. We’ve organized numerous events in Boston, New York, California, London, Prague, Mexico, and other places around the world. You can find us on the conference circuit — physically and digitally — around the world.