Therapy with Substance: Psycholytic Psychotherapy in the Twenty First Century

A unique account and the definitive guide for a future generation of psychedelic psychotherapists. Therapy with Substance is a comprehensive guide for the medical use of psychedelic substances in the therapy of emotional and psychosomatic disorders . . . It describes in clear and articulate language everything that is necessary to know for effective and safe use of this treatment modality and for work with non-ordinary states of consciousness in general. In this groundbreaking book, Doctor Friederike Meckel Fischer explores how the skillful use of psychedelic substances in psycholytic psychotherapy can cause dramatic breakthroughs for people who have not responded to traditional methods of psychotherapy. Her extraordinary conclusion is that psycholytic psychotherapy is the only method that reaches the depth of the psyche required to resolve and heal our deepest wounds. Psychedelic drugs were routinely used in clinical research and psychotherapy until the 1960s. Since then they have been illegal except for a short period in Switzerland, where Dr Meckel learned the basics of psycholytic therapy. Over the years she developed her unique psychotherapeutic method using these substances to assist the progress of those of her patients who were “stuck”. Dr Meckel is a medical doctor who has trained in individual, group and family psychotherapy and, with Stanislav Grof, in transpersonal psychotherapy.

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