Women’s Visionary Council

The Women’s Visionary Council (WVC) expands the inclusion of women in critical discussions about mental health and community wellness.
In 2007, during the re-emergence of research into psychedelic-assisted therapies, the WVC began advocating for more representation of women in public discussions about the ethics and safety of these investigations. The WVC presents conferences and workshops throughout the US and Canada which are open to people of all genders, including the Women’s Visionary Congress, a gathering of women researchers, healers, artists, and activists who explore different forms of expanded consciousness. WVC workshops also provide information on risk reduction and about the benefits and challenges of altered states. The WVC raises funds to provide grants to women whose work engages these topics and encourage their inclusion in scholarly discourse. It seeks to amplify the voices of people of color and support the transfer of knowledge among generations and cultural traditions. The WVC is building an archive of presentations by women in our community which includes more than a decade of research, activism, and personal stories of cognitive liberty – a body of knowledge that will benefit future generations of investigators.


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