Methods for the non-toxic treatment for opioid drug withdrawal combining noribogaine and cannabinoids

The present invention is directed to the treatment of chemical substance abuse and withdrawal symptoms, especially withdrawal symptoms associated with opioids, utilizing a combination of an effective amount of a cannabinoid, in particular, cannabidiol (CBD) and/or A9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in combination with low dosage noribogaine or a derivative salt, solvate or ansolvate thereof to treat withdrawal symptoms, both acute and longer term. It has unexpectedly been discovered that the cannabinoids as described herein work in conjunction with noribogaine to synergistically ameliorate and/or attenuate chemical substance abuse, especially including opioid withdrawal symptoms, both acute and longer term symptoms, such that low dose noribogaine (often in daily dosages of 30 milligrams or less) may be favorably co-administered to a patient suffering from withdrawal symptoms, substantially shortening the QT interval of the patient and providing for a particularly safe and effective method to treat opioid withdrawal symptoms.

Topical macqui berry formula

Topical compositions containing macqui berry or macqui berry extract in combination with other active ingredients for the prevention and/or treatment of damage to skin.

Compositions for enhancing brain activity

A method for enhancing at least one of alertness, attention, concentration and memory in a person in need thereof, comprising co-administering an effective amount of mangiferin, norathyriol, and other ingredients, including ibogaine.