About This Website

Creating this website was one of the motivating goals behind the creation of the Berkeley Center for the Science of Psychedelics. We’ve been enormously fortunate that generous donors, including Christiana Musk, immediately understood and shared our vision of all that this site could be for the public at large.

Building and maintaining this website is an ongoing collaborative effort involving many hands. It’s designed and illustrated by Michael Bierut, Jonny Sikov, and Tamara McKenna at Pentagram. Shanta Speller and Derek Hanson from the WordPress.com special projects team lead the development. 

Within BCSP, Malia Wollan, Imran Khan, Patty Debenham, and Patrick Gutteridge lead the effort. Bob Jesse continues to make innumerable and invaluable contributions to the content. Key guidance and input comes from members of the BCSP executive committee: Andrea Gomez, Dacher Keltner, Michael Pollan, David Presti, Michael Silver, and Tina Trujillo.  Dylan Earp created and maintains BCSP’s resource database, with support from Ashley Reed. Sara Harrison is the lead writer for the site; Brett Simpson also contributed. Charley Locke serves as managing editor; Graham Hacia as fact-checker; and Michael Brown as copy editor. Charlene Nicholas provides essential support to BCSP and the website.

Many other members of the BCSP community have contributed their ideas and knowledge to the site. We’re grateful for their expertise and generosity.

Stay tuned: We plan to release new features and material on BCSP’s site over the months to come.