What can psychedelics teach us about the mind?
Find out in UC Berkeley’s new online course.

About This Course

Whether in connection with mental health treatments, pursuit of general wellness, or research in basic science, psychedelics have become part of contemporary mainstream public discourse. Find out more about the science, the historical and contemporary context, and what these visionary substances may teach us about mind, in this first-of-its-kind and open-to-all course on the fundamentals of psychedelics, from one of the world’s top universities, UC Berkeley.

In our course, Psychedelics and the Mind, Professor David Presti skillfully navigates this complex topic by weaving together science, culture, and history for both the novice learner and the veteran expert interested in fact-based education regarding these visionary substances.

In this 8-module course we will explore:

  • The scientific world of psychedelic substances and the mind
  • Psychedelic medicine and hallucinogenic compounds 
  • Opportunities to deepen your own understanding of the mind
  • The historical and cultural context of psychedelics 
  • Contemporary debates in the world of psychedelics

While becoming a more psychedelically-informed world citizen, you will have an opportunity to become acquainted with your own neuroscience (brain and nervous system), understand the science behind psychedelic compounds and molecules, and gain relevant historical and contemporary context surrounding factors that influence public opinion and the law. Although psychedelics and their uses are by no means new, their relevance for modern-day wellbeing, insight, science, and culture has never been greater. 

This course features interviews with a community of experts in the field, including Raquel Bennett, Susana Bustos, Gül Dölen, Andrea Gomez, Ayize Jama-Everett, Bob Jesse, Dacher Keltner, Mariavittoria Mangini, Jennifer Mitchell, Michael Pollan, Sylvestre Quevedo, and Forrest Tahdooahnippah.


  • Over 8 hours of video content
  • Features dozen experts in the psychedelic research field
  • Based on a popular UC Berkeley course (over 25 years running)
  • Explores 7 different psychedelic compounds
  • Limited access to course content for a limited time

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  • Over 8 hours of video content
  • Dozen experts in the psychedelic research field
  • Based on a popular UC Berkeley course (over 25 years running)
  • Extra resources to dive deeper into content
  • Explores 7 different psychedelic compounds
  • In-course quizzes
  • Verified Certificate of Completion
  • Invitation to future live sessions with psychedelic experts
  • Unlimited access to course content