It’s Time to Start Studying the Downside of Psychedelics

Before psychedelic therapy and services becomes widely available, there needs to be a better understanding of all the ways these experiences can go wrong.

How Should We Do Drugs Now?

After a half century spent waging war on drugs, Americans seem ready to sue for peace. The 2020 elections brought plenty of proof that voters have leapt ahead of politicians in recognizing both the failures of the drug war and the potential of certain illicit drugs as powerful tools for healing.

The Trip Treatment

Research into psychedelics, shut down for decades, is now yielding exciting results.

People who hear about psilocybin-assisted therapy think it’s important to have a guide who has used psilocybin

75 Years Since LSD Discovery, Thousands Since Use of Entheogens

The Radical Experimentation of Black Psychedelia

One of the most lasting and influential artistic movements of the 20th century was created with and for Black artists. Why has their contribution been so overlooked?

A psychedelic surprise may be thriving in your local garden

The Brave New World of Legalized Psychedelics Is Already Here

And so are the profiteers. Get ready for Psychedelics Inc.

Rumor and Ethic: Careful Communication as a Harm Reduction Measure

Entheogens: A Brief History of Their Spiritual Use

To many people, the words psychedelic and spiritual are dissonant on first hearing. Yet the use of psychoactive sacraments in shamanic and religious practices is found throughout history. The word entheogen, used to describe certain plants and chemicals when used for spiritual purposes, emphasizes this long-established relationship. Following is a survey of the most historically prominent and widely used entheogens.